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MQ2LinkDB allows you to keep your own personalised database of item links. There are two versions of the plugin:

  • v1: The original, by Ziggy is available


  • v2: An updated version of the plugin, which includes a TLO and linkbot functionality, was created by

rswiders and is available in the VIP Forums



  • Able to import the huge database of links from and add them.
  • Watch chat for item links and add them automatically.
  • Links are returned as tells and will go into the tell window. They do not go into your log file, nor does LinkDB

show up when you try and reply.


  • /link

Display statistics

  • /link /import

Import items.txt as downloaded from 13th-Floor. To import this file, do the following:

  1. Download the file directly using this link
  2. Unzip the items.txt file to the \Release directory
  3. In game, type /link /import and wait a few seconds for the items to be added
  4. Out of game, edit the MQ2LinkDB.txt file and: 1. Remove the first line \(ends in "wornlevel"\) 2. Search for "iksar left hand" and delete the 3 lines that end in '=\
  5. /link /max #

Set maximum number of results \(default 10\)

  • /link search

Find items containg search string

Added by v2

  • /link /scan

Turn on and off scanning incoming chat

  • /link /click

Click on the link generated?

Top-Level Objects

Note: The TLO is only available in v2.

  • string ${LinkDB}

Display the link found by name. Use =name for an exact match.


/link baby joseph sayer

You will get a tell with a link to the Baby Joseph Sayer.

/shout OMG I'm a dork! I have ${LinkDB[=Baby Joseph Sayer]} in my pack. Ha!

If the item is not found, the TLO returns an empty string, so you probably don't want to be directly shouting about Baby Joseph Sayer in your backpack. If you do and misspell his name, you will end up shouting about an empty string which isn't recommended.