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MQ2Vendors is a plugin that will check a merchant's item list when you open that merchant, and will then notify you if the merchant has any items that you are looking for.

  • If the vendor has an item you are looking for, you will be notified in the MQ chat window, and the merchant's name

will be enclosed in >>>> \<\<\<\< to highlight you to it.

  • Note: You will not be notified if the vendor item is a default item on that vendor (ie. if it does not have a

quantity in the merchant window).

MQ2Vendors was created by Ceghkmv and can be found here.


  • /vendor add|remove \<ItemID|ItemName|ItemLink>

Add/remove the relevant name/ID to/from the watch list. Note: Names are case sensitive! You can also use EQ links instead of the name, and this is recommended, to ensure you get the correct capitalization.

  • /vendor list

List all items in the watch list.

  • /vendor savevendors|nosavevendors

This enables or disables saving of vendors' default item list to a local INI file.

Top-Level Objects

Outputs the version number.

  • bool ${Vendor.HasItems}

Returns TRUE if the merchant has items you are looking for.