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A TLO used to find an item in your bank by partial or exact name match. See examples below.

Of note: The FindItemBank with ItemSlot REQUIRES that bank item containers be open to function correctly. Due to potential exploits the command will not work if the bank containers are closed. This is in contrast to FindItem functionality with character containers, where ItemSlot was designed to allow inventory management without opening containers.


item FindItemBank[name/id]

Search for an item in your bank using the given item id, or partial name match.


Looks for an item in your bank with the name swirling in it, and prints the ID.

/echo ${FindItemBank[swirling].ID}
item FindItemBank[=name]

Search for an item in your bank using exact name match (case insensitive).


Looks for the Cleric Epic (by exact match) in your bank and prints its ID.

/echo ${FindItemBank[=Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh].ID}
print(mq.TLO.FindItemBank("=Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh").ID())