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Buff Predicates

Buff Predicates

Added a system to simplify the code when searching for buffs. You can generate a function that takes a template buff (nominally of EQ_Affect, CachedBuff, or EQ_Spell* types) that can be passed into a function to count or get buffs. Four useful classes that inherit from SpellAttribute<T> were created:

  • SpellAffect(eEQSPA, (optional) isIncrease = true)
  • SpellCategory(eEQSPELLCAT)
  • SpellSubCat(eEQSPELLCAT)
  • SpellClassMask(PlayerClass...)

These objects can be chained together with normal boolean operators (&&, ||, and the unary ! for SpellClassMask) to create a predicate function. Use of this is something like:

Example (C++)
auto buffslot = GetSelfBuff(SpellAffect(SPA_AC, true)
    && SpellCategory(SPELLCAT_HP_BUFFS)
    && SpellClassMask(Cleric));

As part of this change, the following functions have been deprecated, as their functionality has been replaced by this new system:

  • GetTargetBuffByCategory()
  • GetTargetBuffBySubCat()
  • GetTargetBuffBySPA()
  • HasCachedTargetBuffSubCat()
  • HasCachedTargetBuffSPA()
  • GetSelfBuffByCategory()
  • GetSelfBuffBySubCat()
  • GetSelfBuffBySPA()
  • GetSelfShortBuffBySPA()