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/caption list | type value | update # | MQCaptions [ on | off ]


Sets the custom captions from in-game. Using this command will also change the ini settings for the particular level.

EQ itself constantly updates the name of every spawn in the zone, even though only a small portion of those are displayed. Using /caption allows you to modify how many spawn captions updated. The default setting for /caption update is 35.

Player1 through Player4 in MacroQuest.ini are directly related to which /shownames level you use.

Player1 is linked to /shownames 1
Player2 is linked to /shownames 2
Player3 is linked to /shownames 3
Player4 is linked to /shownames 4


  • Use "\n" to add a new line when setting captions
  • To use the default (EQ settings) clear the specific setting(Player1-Player4) in the ini using:
/caption Player1
  • You can also configure Player1 - Player4 from the EQ client using:
/caption Player# configsettings

*Sets the number of nearest spawns for MQ2 to update the name of each pass to 20. By default, this is 35.


/caption update 20

*When using MQCaption if no parameter is given, the default parameter is off

  • Look at the Macroquest.ini file in the zip file under [Captions] for examples of configuring Player1-Player4.