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Multiboxing is not to be confused with botting. This article has been updated to describe the differences.

  • Multiboxing describes the act of playing and controlling multiple characters at the same time, usually in an

MMORPG. **Multiboxing, even with specialized Multiboxing Software like ISBoxer, is a EULA-safe

activity as long as it is not combined with unsafe activity like botting or hacking.** See the main

Multiboxing wiki article on for more information about licit


  • Botting describes the act of automating a character, generally such that the character is capable of interpreting

and responding to game events without human control. **Botting is prohibited by the EULA in EverQuest and other


The remainder of the article continues to focus on botting and multi-botting, rather than multiboxing.

Controlling bots

Prior to MQ2 controlling bots was best handled by the creation of many specific hotkeys and moving between instances of EQ to click those hotkeys. MQ2 provides several macros such as AutoBot.mac and ModBot and a plugin or two like MQ2Melee that provide some ability for bots to act on their own.

Communication between EQ instances

There are several ways that bots can communicate between EQ instances. You can set up a shared chat channel in EQ. One character can write a formatted message to the channel that bots can read and respond. You can also use MQ2IRC, MQ2Telnet or MQ2EQBC that all keep the communication outside of EQ.

Once your bots are setup and running you can use Custom UIs or MQ2HUD to see information about each of your bots. You can use EQ HotKeys to send commands to your bots.