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item Type

Contains the properties that describe an item.


Type Member Description
int AC AC value on item
int Accuracy Accuracy
int AGI AGI value on item
int Attack Attack value on item
bool Attuneable Attuneable?
int AugRestrictions Augment Restrictions
int Augs Number of augs on this item
augtype AugSlot Retrieve the augment in the specified slot number.
int AugSlot1 Returns the type of agument in slot 1
int AugSlot2 Returns the type of agument in slot 2
int AugSlot3 Returns the type of agument in slot 3
int AugSlot4 Returns the type of agument in slot 4
int AugSlot5 Returns the type of agument in slot 5
int AugSlot6 Returns the type of agument in slot 6
int AugType Augmentation slot type mask.
int Avoidance Avoidance
int64 BuyPrice The cost to buy this item from active merchant
float CastTime Spell effect's cast time (in seconds)
int CHA CHA value on item
int Charges Charges
int Clairvoyance Clairvoyance
string Class[N] Returns the Nth long class name of the listed classes on an item. Items suitable for ALL classes will effectively have all 17 classes listed.
int Classes The number of classes that can use the item. Items suitable for ALL classes will return 16.
itemspell Clicky Activatable spell effect, if any.
int CombatEffects CombatEffects
int Container Number of slots, if this is a container
int DamageShieldMitigation Damage Shield Mitigation
int DamShield Damage Shield value on item
int Deities The number of deities that can use the item. Items with no deity restrictions will return 0.
string Deity[N] Returns the Nth deity of the listed deities on an item. Items with no deity restrictions will return NULL for all values of N.
int DEX DEX value on item
string DMGBonusType "None", "Magic", "Fire", "Cold", "Poison", "Disease"
int DoTShielding DoT Shielding
string EffectType Spell effect type (see below for spell effect types)
int Endurance Endurance
int EnduranceRegen Endurance regen
evolving Evolving Does this item have Evolving experience on?
itemspell Familiar Familiar spell effect, if any.
itemspell Focus First focus effect, if any.
itemspell Focus2 Second focus effect, if any.
int FreeStack The number of items needed to fill all the stacks of the item you have (with a stacksize of 20). If you have 3 stacks (1, 10, 20 in those stacks), you have room for 60 total and you have 31 on you, so FreeStack would return 29.
int Haste Haste value on item
int HealAmount HealAmount (regen?)
int HeroicAGI Heroic AGI value on item
int HeroicCHA Heroic CHA value on item
int HeroicDEX Heroic DEX value on item
int HeroicINT Heroic INT value on item
int HeroicSTA Heroic STA value on item
int HeroicSTR Heroic STR value on item
int HeroicSvCold Heroic SvCold value on item
int HeroicSvCorruption Heroic SvCorruption value on item
int HeroicSvDisease Heroic SvDisease value on item
int HeroicSvFire Heroic SvFire value on item
int HeroicSvMagic Heroic SvMagic value on item
int HeroicSvPoison Heroic SvPoison value on item
int HeroicWIS Heroic WIS value on item
int HP HP value on item
int HPRegen HPRegen value on item
int Icon Item Icon
int ID Item ID
itemspell Illusion Illusion spell effect, if any.
float InstrumentMod Instrument Modifier Value
int INT INT value on item
int InvSlot Inventory Slot Number (Historic and now deprecated, use ItemSlot and ItemSlot2)
item Item[N] Item in Nth slot, if this is a container or has augs
float ItemDelay Returns the delay of the weapon
string ItemLink[CLICKABLE] just prints the actual hexlink for an item (not clickable) unless [CLICKABLE] is included
int Items Number of items, if this is a container.
int ItemSlot Item Slot number see Slot Names
int ItemSlot2 Item Slot subnumber see Slot Names
string LDoNTheme "All", "Deepest Guk", "Miragul's", "Mistmoore", "Rujarkian", "Takish", "Unknown"
bool Lore Lore?
bool Magic Magic?
int Mana Mana value on item
int ManaRegen ManaRegen value on item
int MaxPower Max power on an power source
int MerchQuantity Quantity of item active merchant has
itemspell Mount Mount spell effect, if any.
string Name Name
bool NoDrop No Trade?
bool NoRent Temporary?
NoTrade Synonym for NoDrop
int Power Power left on power source
itemspell Proc Combat proc effect.
int Purity Purity of item
string Race[N] Returns the Nth long race name of the listed races on an item. Items suitable for ALL races will effectively have all 15 races listed.
int Races The number of races that can use the item. Items suitable for ALL races will return 15.
int RecommendedLevel Returns the Recommended Level of an item. Items with no recommended level will return 0.
int RequiredLevel Returns the Required Level of an item. Items with no required level will return 0.
itemspell Scroll Scroll effect, if any.
int SellPrice Price to sell this item at this merchant
int Shielding Shielding
int Size Item size: 1 SMALL 2 MEDIUM 3 LARGE 4 GIANT
int SizeCapacity If item is a container, size of items it can hold: 1 SMALL 2 MEDIUM 3 LARGE 4 GIANT
spell Spell Spell effect
int SpellDamage Spell damage
int SpellShield SpellShield
int STA STA value on item
int Stack Number of items in the stack
bool Stackable Stackable?
int StackCount The total number of the stackable item in your inventory
int Stacks Number of stacks of the item in your inventory
int StackSize Maximum number if items that can be in the stack
int STR STR value on item
int StrikeThrough StrikeThrough
int StunResist Stun resist
int svCold svCold value on item
int svCorruption svCorruption value on item
int svDisease svDisease value on item
int svFire svFire value on item
int svMagic svMagic value on item
int svPoison svPoison value on item
ticks Timer Returns the number of ticks remaining on an item recast timer
int TimerReady Returns the number of seconds remaining on an item recast timer
bool Tradeskills Tradeskills?
int Tribute Tribute value of the item
string Type Type
int Value Item value in coppers
int Weight Item weight
int WIS WIS value on item
itemspell Worn Passive worn effect, if any.
invslot WornSlot[N] The Nth invslot this item can be worn in (fingers/ears count as 2 slots)
bool WornSlot[name] Can item be worn in invslot with this name? (worn slots only)
int WornSlots The number of invslots this item can be worn in (fingers/ears count as 2 slots)
string (To String) Same as Name


Name Action
Inspect Opens the item display window for this item

Spell Effect Types

EffectType will return one of the following values:

Click Inventory

Item has a right-click effect and can be used from the inventory.

Click Unknown

Item has an unknown right-click effect restriction.

Click Worn

Item has a right-click effect and must be equipped to use it.


Item has a combat proc effect.

Spell Scroll

Item is a scribable spell scroll, and the effect is the spell that will be scribed.


Item has an effect that is persistent while worn (focus effect).

DisplayItem Index


This section needs to be moved to the MQ2ItemDisplay article

${DisplayItem} now takes an index as an option parameter index can be 0-5 you can still just do ${DsiplayItem} and it will just pick whatever you inspected last.

Example: /echo ${DisplayItem[5]}

  • Info = 1,
  • WindowTitle = 2,
  • AdvancedLore = 3,
  • MadeBy = 4,
  • Information = 5,
  • DisplayIndex = 6

NOTE: There is a difference between .Info and .Information .Info contains for example: .Info can return text like; this item is placable in yards, guild yards blah blah , This item can be used in tradeskills .Information can return text like Item Information: Placing this augment into blah blah, this armor can only be used in blah blah