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Data about a particular character class


Type Member Description
bool CanCast Can cast spells, including Bard
bool ClericType True if class is a Cleric or Paladin
bool DruidType True if class is a Druid or Ranger
bool HealerType True if class is a Healer (Cleric, Druid or Shaman)
int ID The class numeric ID
bool MercType True if class is Mercenary
string Name The full name of the class. Ex: "Ranger"
bool NecromancerType True if class is a Necromancer or Shadow Knight
bool PetClass True if class is a pet class (Shaman, Necromancer, Mage or Beastlord)
bool PureCaster True if class is a pure caster (Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Necromancer, Wizard, Mage or Enchanter)
bool ShamanType True if class is Shaman or Beastlord
string ShortName The short name (three letter code) of the class. Ex: RNG for Ranger
string To String Same as Name

Name -> ShortName list:

Name ShortName
Bard BRD
Beastlord BST
Berserker BER
Cleric CLR
Druid DRU
Enchanter ENC
Magician MAG
Monk MNK
Necromancer NEC
Paladin PAL
Ranger RNG
Shadow Knight SHD
Shaman SHM
Warrior WAR
Wizard WIZ
Mercenary MER