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Display someone melee and non melee dmg \(procs, casts, kicks, backstabs...\) and DPS.

ex: Jarr total dmg: 5600 \(345\) in 10, DPS : 560 total \(non melee\) in TIME \(seconds\), DPS total/time

All Damage Related Text MUST Be Allowed


Shire - 12-09-03 - Original Source

Not Sure on Others, Someone Else Will Need to Add Them


  • /dps


Activate dps parsing or not. reset parser


/dps on

Would Turn on the DPS Parsing


  • ${Dps.Version}
  • ${Dps.Dps}
  • ${Dps.Name}
  • ${Dps.Me}
  • ${Dps.MyPet} \(id start at value 0, plugin internal id, not ingame spawn id.\)


04/30/2004 v0.9.94

New param system ${Dps.Version} , ${Dps.Dps} , ${Dps.Name} , ${Dps.Me} , ${Dps.MyPet}

Replace 0 by the index.

Added options "focus", "/dps focus %target%", MAY CAUSE CTDs.

Added Window infos saved into INI. But not working now.

Added absolutedps, Timer used for calculating player's dps is the same."

'This release is mainly for the window to work with new params system.'

03/20/2004 v0.9.93

Fixed assasination.

Added Sorting by dps,melee,cast,total damage.

Fixed some compilation warning \(CXStr\(\))

Added options "petfollowowner", "/dps petfollowowner true", if True pet'stats will be grouped with pet's owner.

Extended window to display 8 char and player and player's pet dps.

12/13/2003 v0.9.92

Fixed Warder not being displayed under there owner.

Fixed event mob dead. \(need a bit more work\)

Mob name will appear red.

Added a window that show real time DPS \(only 4 first\).

Added some command and param: /dps on|off|reset|showwindow)


id start at value 0.

12/10/2003 v0.9.91

Fixed Mob total hp.

Pet's owner will always been displayed now even if they don't do any damages.

Changed the stats separator line to '----------------'

Changed __time64_t data type to time_t \(time.h\) to make it VS 6 friendly. Let me know if it compiles now.

12/09/2003 v0.9.9



Click Here For Screenshot\(Not Working\)