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Plugin to help colorize text in the MQ2 Window. Thank you for sharing htw!

  • This plugin is included in the main source download.
  • Link to the latest stable source: 1


b = black
g = green
m = magenta
o = orange
p = purple
r = red
t = cyan
u = blue
w = white
y = yellow
x = default (whatever color was active immediately prior to the last color change; no -x btw)

So example, \au = blue, \a-u = dark blue. \aw = white, \a-w = dark white \(light gray\)

The 2 functions are the same, just one of them echoes the debug header mq2 does, i.e. before your text output, the other doesn't.

example: /cecho \arThis is a \attest\ax.\n\agAll done, let's show a backslash: \am\